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About Us

Mr. Daniel E. Taylor has served as the President and CEO of Jefferson Crest Health Care Agency for over  18 years.  Daniel’s commitment to the mission of helping those who cannot help themselves has been the guiding force behind the vision.  With over 22 years of experience managing, supervising and cultivating the operation of Milwaukee’s premier healthcare agency, Mr. Taylor has a proven track record excellence in the industry he loves. 

Mr. Taylor holds a B.S. from Montana State University in Business with a primary concentration in Marketing and Product Development.  His areas of expertise include fiscal responsibility and the development of strong business practices.   In his primary role, he oversees all of the Company’s public relations and sales agendas, as well as, maintaining a very tight hand over the company’s ever increasing budget. 

Since June 2005, Daniel Taylor has personally raised necessary capital, attained appropriate licensing, hired and trained competent staff and expanded the reach of the company.   Today, Daniel Taylor is still committed to providing a helping hand to over 145 Milwaukee employees while continuing to focus on expanding the Jefferson Crest brand.

Daniel Taylor,
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About Us

Ms. Rhonda G. Nix serves as the Senior Vice President.  She holds a B.S. in Psychology, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from St. John’s University and is a native of Texas.  Ms. Nix brings over 20 years of experience working in the Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities professional arena as, both, a Mental Health Case Manager and Human Resources professional. 

She also owns her own Human Resource Consulting company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has an eclectic amount of experience which includes creating company policies and procedures, operations manuals, employee handbooks, recruiting, benefits, payroll, training, unemployment claims and many other aspects of the Human Resource responsibility.  

As the Senior Vice President she oversees all areas of the company which includes Member Placement, creation of Care Plans, Staffing and ensures the Company policies and procedures are in compliance with state and federal guidelines, professional and CBRF Certified Staff are employed, properly trained and adhere to the Company Policies and Procedures of Jefferson Crest.

Rhonda G. Nix,
Senior Vice President
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About Us

Mrs. Toni Sutters is an LPN with 29 years of experience with the last 20 years working for a Milwaukee based CBRF. Nurse Sutters was raised in Milwaukee and graduated from the University of Green Bay. Her years of experience as Lead Nurse at St. Mary’s Nursing Home enable her to accurately assess Clients and create effective and individualized Care Plans for Residents under the Care of Jefferson Crest.

Nurse Sutters’ primary role is to liaison with all medical doctors and specialists in order to ensure the Staff of Jefferson Crest provide the medically prescribed cares for each Member.

Toni Stutters, LPN
Nursing Coordinator
Great Staff

Our Team

Our personnel love what they do, and that’s what makes them so special.

Jefferson Crest, LLC. is firmly committed to the concept of fair and equitable treatment of its Employees.The Company has enthusiastically accepted its responsibility for providing Employees with good working conditions, competitive wages, fair treatment and respect for their rights.

It is the objective of Jefferson Crest, LLC. Management to:

  • Treat Team Members and Clients with dignity and respect
  • Help Team Members become successful in assigned job
  • Provide open, frequent and positive communication
  • Embrace diversity
  • Maintain a high standard of quality and service
  • Acknowledge that each Team Member is a critical resource for the Company
  • Develop plans that foster the growth of the Company
  • Contribute positively to the communities we services.
  • Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success

  • Incorporate conducive training to enhance our  business

  • Provide a safe work environment; and Compensate all Team Members competitively.

  • All Jefferson Crest, LLC. Employees are trained to provide services and care in a manner that supports the Company’s guiding principles and furthers the Company’s mission.

Rhonda G. Nix, Senior Vice President

Jessica Gonzalez, Accounting Manager

Donna McCaskill, Director of Operations

Rayshan McGhee, Manager-JC Villa Two

Amanda Wilson, Manager-JC Villa One

Briante Oglesby, Manager-Yellow Rose

Wanda Webb, Manager-76th Street

Annamashan Jefferson, Manager – 8050/8102

Antonio Lindsey, Manager – Brown Deer

Altavise Shanks-McCullum, Manager – Carmen

Monique Cabassa, Human Resources Manager

Dimida Bell, Client Care Specialist

Florence Simmons, Payroll Specialist